Revealed: The Secrets To Shooting A Game-Ready Shot!
Learn How To Shoot Like A Pro!
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Learn The Fundamentals Of Game-Ready Shooting
There are many things that popular coaches and trainers have taught about shooting that will not help you. In fact, many of them will make you worse!

One of the major downfalls of the vast majority of shooting methods is that they are not game-ready. Some methods may help a player who is shooting a wide open shot in an empty gym, but they do little to prepare a player for high pressure situations.
Travis Bieker
Sun Prairie, WI
What Super Shooting does is give your son or daughter the right information to not only become a consistent shooter but an effective shooter in a game like situation. Jon goes over a lot of the bad information that has been circling around the internet, things that are taught (such as the dip) that will actually keep you from becoming best shooter you can be and importantly keep you from doing these outdated methods that are far less productive in a game-like setting.

The step-by-step Super Shooting program has taught my son what it will take to be an outstanding shooter in GAMES and under intense pressure. This is the exact type of shooting program that we have been looking for. 

This program is for the serious players that want to be able to get their shot off under pressure. This is must have for anyone looking to improve as a shooter."
This video will thoroughly explain the 3 main pillars of shooting, which include:
  • Legs - This is the power source for your shot. Should your feet be pointed at the basket? Should you land in the same spot? How should your legs be used? You'll find out in this video.
  • Focus Point - This is the place in which your eyes should focus. Where exactly should this be? You'll find out in this video.
  • Follow Through - This includes the full extension of your shooting arm and your release. How is this done? Should you snap your wrist hard? 
Do want to be a
Super Shooter?
We also assess a variety of common teachings about shooting, which include:
  • Elbow In - Should your elbow be in to the point of being perpendicular to the floor?
  • One-Eyed Shooting - Should you move your shooting arm through your cheek and eye when shooting? Is this game-ready?
  • Index or Middle Finger? - Should you shoot the ball off your index finger or middle finger?  
  • The Dip - Should you dip the ball prior to shooting? Does this slow down your shot?
  • Square Up - Should you square your shoulders to the basket?
  • And more!
This video also provides instruction on:
  • Free Throws - The free-throw routine is discussed and demonstrated.
  • The Pull-Up Jump Shot - The pull-up jump shot has become quite rare in today's game. With most players obsessed with long 3's and dunks, developing your pull-up can give you an advantage! This section of the video breaks down the pull-up jump-shot in a detailed and game-ready fashion. There are 5 core ways to pull-up, and each are thoroughly explicated.
  • The Step-Back Jump-Shot - Any player who wants to be able to create his/her own shot needs to be able to create space and get the shot of quickly. How can this be done against a good defender? Find out in this video.  
Super Shooting can help players of all ages and skill levels. While others are using outdated shooting methods, you could be building a Game-Ready shot.
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FREE BONUS: The DB-Out & Double Team Workout
This Instructional Workout Uncovers The Secrets To A Space Creating Move.
Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to create space when being pressured? 
 This workout can help you! 
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This Workout Reveals Little Known Secrets to an Allen Iverson Move.
  • Learn how to create space with the famous move Allen Iverson did in the 2001 NBA Finals! - You will learn the proper footwork, leg position, body position, head position, ball position, hand position, and more. If you miss any of these essential elements, your performance will suffer. The better the defense, the less effective you will be.
  • Learn the secrets to making this move Game-Ready - Have you ever struggled using a move in a game? Don't worry. This is quite common! You may develop the ability to do this specific move really well while on your own, but if you are missing our secret Game-Ready formula, you will struggle to successfully do this move in games against good defender. The good news is, this workout will help you do that!
  • Learn how to get your jump-shot off as quickly as possible following the move. Most players who do this move are making some crucial mistakes that add time to their shot release. This even includes NBA players! You may have enough time to get your shot off (if utilizing our secrets), but if you make the same mistakes the majority of others make, you may lose your scoring opportunity! This may result in a forced shot, a blocked shot, or a seat on the bench! You don't want that, do you? Learn the secrets, NOW!
  • Super-Boost your handles and shooting skills! Your ball control and shooting ability will be honed through the Game-Ready repetition in this workout. Just imagine how much better you could be! Would you like to be able to shake defenders with this Iverson move and quickly hit a jump-shot? This workout can help you!
  • Workout live with the video! Have you ever seen an instructional workout video that doesn't provide you with the ability to workout while watching? You're expected to either take notes or take their workout sheet to the gym with you? Well, you won't have to do that with this instructional workout! We provide MUCH more. You will have the luxury of doing the entire 1-hour workout while the video is playing. The video can be played on a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. All you need is a wireless connection and you'll have access on the go! Throughout the workout, there is music playing in the background while "Supe" gives you instruction and encouragement. This provides a fun and motivational way to do your workout.
  • Discover the essential secrets to beating double team pressure. Have you ever been double teamed off the dribble and not known what to do? Are you unable to handle the pressure? Well, this secret information can help you drastically
If you order the Super Shooting DVD, you will be given Streaming Access to this instructional workout in HD.